October 7, 2008


Sunday brought an interesting set of revelations to me.  I got to attend all of worship in our service (something that I don't get to do often due to working in the nursery and not being able to attend the worship service that I fit into best).  Since Shelly was singing, I stood with Kayla (who is 4).  Sometimes, Kayla will let me hold her during worship.  Sometimes she sings, and other times she just rests her head on my shoulder.  This weekend she was a bit tired and spent several songs with her head tucked up against mine.  

And I realized that THAT is my favorite way to worship.  Holding Kayla helps me connect with God--hearing her tiny voice singing along spurs me closer to the Father.  I've known for a while that being around Kay and her brothers is good for me, I just never realized how much I love to worship with her.  I love this little girl's heart!

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MangyCat said...

Aw, that is so sweet! There's a big momma's heart in there, Nia. And those kids are fortunate to have you too.