April 25, 2009

saturday snapshot...

I made this little treat for myself the other night: peppermint hot chocolate, mini marshmallows, and dark chocolate syrup. It was wonderful!

April 20, 2009

penny saved, penny lost

I went to Walmart to grocery shop tonight. The fridge was a bit bare, and I got paid, so I was ready. So I go there, filled up my cart, found some good deals, and got in line. As usual, there were no short lines (which I find odd for almost nine at night, but hey). So I end up behind the crazy deal lady. She had EVERY advertisement from every grocery store in town, and I think she might have bought everything that was on sale SOMEPLACE ELSE! And apparently Walmart will honor other sales prices.

So I ended up waiting for over 20 minutes as the already slow and unmotivated cashier had to override price after endless price.

If they were getting rated on the things MY store is rated on, Walmart would be getting F's in all areas--and the customer, too.


April 18, 2009

saturday snapshot...

The lilac bushes are starting to blossom, but some of last year's leaves haven't given up their hold yet. (Sorry for the late post, I was called into work a bit early today.)

April 11, 2009

saturday snapshot double take

Will is a little old man, stuck in an eight-year-old's body.

And Kayla made a very important decision last night--welcome to the Kingdom baby!

April 4, 2009

saturday snapshot...

I love this snow shovel. I can shovel all day and not hurt my back. Plus, it makes me seem way stronger than I am--I can fling snow halfway across the yard!