February 27, 2008

the roundabout...

So lately, I've been trying to boost my post points on CleanPlace. We get points for posting creative writing, and when you hit 175 you gain entry into the "secret" hangout spot. I'm currently at 140 and trying to get there. Normally, I'm not competitive, but I have a small spark plus, several of the girls in there have been bugging me about it. So, I've been writing a lot of poetry. To make it more interesting, I've been exploring new poetic forms. While chatting with one of CP's best poets (and no, I wasn't talking to myself!), he asked about the forms and said, "So basically, you come up with some rules and write a poem and call it a form?" Yes, basically. "We should do that," he said. And so, we did! He came up with the meter and rhyme, I added a repeating line and voted for the fourth stanza (which brings it all around full circle) and gave it its name, Roundabout. So here it is-

When Spring Trips 'Round

When wildflowers bloom once more
And raindrops touch the earth,
Faeries will come
To start the hum
And raindrops touch the earth!

Come join the song, the dance the mirth!
Enjoy the juicy plum.
Under the sun
'Til day is done-
Enjoy the plum!

The clouds let out the beating drum-
Rejoice with us as one.
Our joy we pour
For pain we bore-
Rejoice with us as one.

Of gleeful hope, winter knows none,
But speaks of faeries lore,
Of magic birth,
The greatest worth
But speaks of faeries lore.

(c) SDD 2008

February 15, 2008

what to do...

I've had some time on my hands this week. I haven't worked at the mall in several days and I'm getting a bit nervous. I love working at the store but honestly, I need more hours. I don't want to find another job, I like the mall, but I'm thinking I might have to do something about that.

So, with all that time, I finally got to catch-up on some things. I've been reading, watching a tv on dvd series (Earth2), going writing and working on my novel. I've gotten to go out with friends and sleep. But I would like to work as well.

Well, I didn't have much else to say, just wanted to update.

I'm still reading, and teaching an English class online for a few of the teens. Other than that, things are pretty normal. Let me know what is going on in your world...