August 22, 2007

a bit camera shy...

So, at Aimee's suggestion, I attempted to take pictures of Binker. Turns out he can move pretty fast when he wants to and he had an aversion to the camera, so I have a lot of little blurs :)

But I found these photos out on the web to give you an idea of what he looks like.

Yep, Binker looks like that, 'cept he tends to curl his "tail" around a bit to his left side.

And this shows you how tiny they are... not much bigger than an M&M.

Cute little guy... but like I said, don't startle them... some of them are so small they can't deflate. And that would be rather tragic. I don't want Binker to puff up if he can't puff down :)

August 17, 2007

picking on the little guy...

It has been a week and I haven't posted. And I like to post more often than that, but as you may know, I want to have something witty and funny to say or I won't post. So I'm in that delicate place of not having anything earth-shattering to talk about nor something funny to mention, but a gnawing urge to post. So here I am.

I guess I could point you all to the news about the Peru earthquake. I am thankful that none of our sponsored children are in that area, but I have a lot of friends there in Lima. My prayers are with them.

I could tell you about my new fish, Binker. He got a name because he is so small and, as a friend said, "he needs to compensate". He is a dwarf puffer and he is adorable. Granted, if I scare him, he might puff up and then not be able to deflate. This would be fatal for him. So no scaring the fish!

I'm sure there is something else I could talk about, but nothing comes to mind. Maybe I'll be more poetic tomorrow. For today, I'm just me, sojourning through the day, waiting for the amazing to happen.

August 10, 2007

that does it!

Micky D's went and did the unthinkable... they raised the price of my favorite breakfast item. Yes, they went there. So, I'm going here. The new price (which is a whopping $2.69) is ridiculous... yes, I said it. No single breakfast item from Micky D's is worth that much... and even their .69 extra large drink doesn't make up for it. So, from here on out, no stopping at Micky D's on the way to church on Sunday morning. Nope. From now on, I'm buying the pre-made, frozen breakfast sandwiches. It is way more cost effective not to mention I won't waste any more of my time in the eternally slow drive-thru (that is a whole other subject).

I will miss my yummy Sunday morning treat (not to mention the extra caffeine boost) but you have to draw the line somewhere, and I drew it at $2.29.