March 30, 2009

snow, colorado style...

So last week we were told a huge snow storm was on the way. Historically, forecasters are wrong every time about big storms, but, as dutiful citizens, we all prepared and left work early, etc. And it did now. About three inches in most places. Yeah, major storm. I will grant that the wind did produce near blizzard white out. And all the non-natives made the roads into parking lots, but that happens all the time.

I was house-sitting, and I did have to shovel out of the driveway (stupid incline). And since I was gone, and Nathan was gone, our driveway was empty for the storm. This is a bad thing. Some weird quirk of nature dictates that our driveway is the perfect spot for snow drifts. So despite the fact the rest of the year was BARE, we had two feet of snow across the top of the driveway.

Here's the view looking down the driveway:
Here's a cut section of where I started:
Where did all the snow go?
And here!
I've decided that Nathan gets the next "blizzard". I've had enough snow shoveling for the season!

March 28, 2009

saturday snapshot...

Sorry for the lack of posts this week--it's been crazy. Here's a fun piece of artwork in a park up in Parker :P .

March 21, 2009

saturday snapshot...

This was me messing with perspective. This rock is about knee high :)

March 17, 2009

hedges, chickens, and plan B...

I tend to hedge my bets. I try not to put all my eggs in one basket. Bank the fire, backup my files, have a plan B, it's just how I do things.

And I have a feeling that this tendency of mine is exactly what God is chipping away at these days.

And do you know how frightening it is to not have a backup plan? How it feels to put those fragile little eggs in one basket, one that looks like it's sitting in the middle of the freeway?

It's like mailing off your only copy of a manuscript. It's just not something you would do if you were smart.

But God doesn't always ask us to be smart. In fact, He tells us not to lean on our own understanding.

I'm trying...

March 14, 2009

saturday snapshot...

Kayla never misses a chace to smile for the camera. Not so sure what Scott was doing.

March 13, 2009


So I got to Panera this evening, all ready to settle in for a comfortable evening. And they got Mt. Dew back in, so that was a good sign.

I got out the laptop and booted it up. Got my cup of Mt. Dew. Logged into the internet and WHAP, facebook has a new look--and it's ugly. Not only that, but they took anything I liked about the home page (the easy links to applications, poke notifications, the clean look) away. Then they replaced all the good stuff with crap--list on the left-hand side that do nothing (are are therefore useless, not to mention they clutter the page). They have a "highlights" section that is other stories from my friends (which I like), but there are ads mixed in, I can't tell it if I care about that story or not (as I could when it was in the feed), and it takes up an amazing amount of room--which bumps things I DO care about far down the page. The links to are just gone--replaced by those useless buttons on the left that don't actually TAKE you to the application.

Yes, I'm ranting. I need to get it out of my system. I'm once again confounded that a service took something that was working fine, looked great and served the purpose that I wanted (hence why I signed up), and they destroyed it. I don't understand why they do this. It makes no sense to me. None at all.

And now, the way I've been keeping in touch with old friends is a mess--and that makes me want to throw something.

(I did, by they way, provide facebook with feedback--all nice and put in a constructive way, etc. But I highly doubt they will do anything about it, hence why I have to rant here, where at least someone might listen and pat me on the head :) ).

March 12, 2009


I love it. I stopped by the mall yesterday and thought to check if my favorite store (CJ Banks) had any jeans on sale. They did. So I found a pair for $20. Not the best sale, but when I got to the register, the sales clerk told me they were part of the 25% sale, on TOP of the sale price, so they came out to about $15!

I love it when they are wide at the bottom, and you can barely see my toes.

Then I drove up to Parker and stopped at Walmart to grab a few things. They had some awesome clearance items, including a pair of athletic pants for $3, and a pretty pink shirt for $3. Here's the detail on the shirt. Yes, I'm wearing it today!
In the men's section, I found two awesome tee shirts for $5 each.

Those two just seemed to fit me!

And that's my clothes shopping for the next few months unless a new job (with a new paycheck) comes my way. Yay for bargains!

March 7, 2009

saturday snapshot...

My friend, Dianna, took a picture last year at Red Robin. They have cool lights there. Check out her blog (link on the side--A Mamma's Journal) to see her shot, mine is sorta the flip of it.

March 4, 2009

the effects of fire...

We had a wildfire south of Colorado Springs yesterday. It put smoke in the air--and smoke makes for interesting skies. Here are a few shots I got:

This one was on the way home around noon. This is looking south on Academy Blvd.

This was taken around five in the evening, up on Hwy. 83. That bright spot above the peak was smoke created, and it had a lovely red side. The sun in a bit to the north (right, behind the street sign). It was strange to see two bright spots in the sky.

Here's a shot that got a little bit of the red color.