March 30, 2009

snow, colorado style...

So last week we were told a huge snow storm was on the way. Historically, forecasters are wrong every time about big storms, but, as dutiful citizens, we all prepared and left work early, etc. And it did now. About three inches in most places. Yeah, major storm. I will grant that the wind did produce near blizzard white out. And all the non-natives made the roads into parking lots, but that happens all the time.

I was house-sitting, and I did have to shovel out of the driveway (stupid incline). And since I was gone, and Nathan was gone, our driveway was empty for the storm. This is a bad thing. Some weird quirk of nature dictates that our driveway is the perfect spot for snow drifts. So despite the fact the rest of the year was BARE, we had two feet of snow across the top of the driveway.

Here's the view looking down the driveway:
Here's a cut section of where I started:
Where did all the snow go?
And here!
I've decided that Nathan gets the next "blizzard". I've had enough snow shoveling for the season!

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