June 30, 2007

June 28, 2007

so you want to be in the movies?

Okay, so I don't really have any power to get you on the big screen. Let's face it, if I did, I would have made my own debut a long time ago. But there is a way you can help aspiring writers obtain the dream of writing a screenplay or stage play.

For all your searching needs, simply go to www.goodsearch.com and select The Office of Letters and Light as your charity. For every search you do, they get a penny. I know, a penny isn't much, but it adds up. As a poor, aspiring writer myself, I have no money to give to ScriptFrenzy (which is run by the OLL) this year, or to NaNoWriMo (also run by OLL). But I can encourage all my readers to help out. And if you have a lot of extra cash around (or even $10) please consider making a tax-deductible gift to them by visiting here.

And thank you for helping all of us writers dream big and write wonderful stuff which may be coming to a theater near you sooner than you know!

(And as a side note, I'm at 16,000 words, which means I have to write 2,000 each day for the two days left of June to be a winner. I can do it!)

June 26, 2007

the goings on...

Just to make sure I didn't get on too high of a cloud, my glasses managed to get cracked on Sunday morning. However, since I was going to see my dearest friend, Dara, that evening, I couldn't get too upset.

And I did get to see Dara. She's been in Ghana, Africa, since last September. I've missed her like crazy. She came home for a wedding (her sister, Dawn) and we got to hang out. The thing I most love about Dara is that we can pick up right where we left off, no matter how long we are apart.

Tonight, I did a yoga workout. I've been rather unmotivated to work out lately, and hadn't realized how stiff I had gotten. I've always been fairly flexible, but time is catching up with me and I could tell it. Yikes! So, I guess I'm going to have to be more diligent with my yoga.

Anyway, that is what is going on in my world. Leave me a comment and tell me what is going on in yours...

June 23, 2007


I won something! I'm so happy, jumping for joy, skipping for glee.

I entered a contest here and I won. So I get a free, custom blog design from the same creative thinkings behind this lovely blog.

And what, pray tell, could I possibly want with another blog design? Don't I like this design very much?

I'll tell you.

First, yes, I love this blog. I paid to love this blog and I do. Second, I have long been toying with an idea for another blog and now, I'm going to use my design to start it. Skippy!

Always a joy to win something you want :)

June 13, 2007

the ordeal...

So tiny, so cute, so intriguing. So gone.

The snails, that is. Despite my efforts to remove the snails one by one from the tank, they kept coming back. Tiny little brown specks kept exploding into more brown specks. I was tired of them. So today I spent the better part of four hours doing a total water change and cleaning on my fish tank. I had to buy new gravel because I realized (after I had all the water out) that there were so many snails in the gravel and I had no way to get them all gone without washing each individual piece or let it dry out for a few days. So, in the middle of all this, I took Vicky and Kiana to the pet store to buy gravel. I don't like the new gravel (it has pink, purple, light blue and bright green) as much as I thought I would, so I will work on getting rid of the snails in the old gravel at some point and change it back in a month or two.

But the snails are gone. Everything has been cleaned, changed, and put back. The fish seem to be doing well. Had I known that live plants would be the cause of the invasion, I would have went with the fake ones, but live and learn.

June 6, 2007

merrily we roll along...

June is going and going. I've been to several little league games for Jake (and his team is doing so well) as well as writing. My script is at almost 5,000 words. I suppose I should be working on it every day, but I'm not. I have long known that I can write several thousand words in an hour or two. And to reach 20,000 in one month, it only takes 667 per day. So I don't have to write daily to reach the goal. Bad? Probably, but it works for me.

I also got to visit my old friend Wess from Compassion today. My dad found something Wess had been wanting for a while and I took it up there for him. It was weird to go back to Compassion and especially to have a meeting with "da Pres", but I got over it.

Okay, I have a blanket to finish crocheting before Saturday. Better get to it. Hope your week is going well.

June 1, 2007

and so it begins...

Yes, here we are at the beginning. Along with 6,000 other people across the globe, I will be writing a screenplay in the month of June. I've written novels before in 30 days, and that required at least 50,000 words. Screenplays/scripts only require 20,000, so it should be a breeze. I'm actually looking forward to this as I've long been interested in writing a movie!

Now, I just need to finish up my research and get started. Steven Spielberg, here I come!