June 6, 2007

merrily we roll along...

June is going and going. I've been to several little league games for Jake (and his team is doing so well) as well as writing. My script is at almost 5,000 words. I suppose I should be working on it every day, but I'm not. I have long known that I can write several thousand words in an hour or two. And to reach 20,000 in one month, it only takes 667 per day. So I don't have to write daily to reach the goal. Bad? Probably, but it works for me.

I also got to visit my old friend Wess from Compassion today. My dad found something Wess had been wanting for a while and I took it up there for him. It was weird to go back to Compassion and especially to have a meeting with "da Pres", but I got over it.

Okay, I have a blanket to finish crocheting before Saturday. Better get to it. Hope your week is going well.


MangyCat said...

How's that blanket coming? ;o)

Sara said...

tee hee, I didn't quite get it done, but Deb said as long as Mayce gets it before her 5th birthday, she doesn't mind. So I have some time!! I should finish in a week or so.