June 13, 2007

the ordeal...

So tiny, so cute, so intriguing. So gone.

The snails, that is. Despite my efforts to remove the snails one by one from the tank, they kept coming back. Tiny little brown specks kept exploding into more brown specks. I was tired of them. So today I spent the better part of four hours doing a total water change and cleaning on my fish tank. I had to buy new gravel because I realized (after I had all the water out) that there were so many snails in the gravel and I had no way to get them all gone without washing each individual piece or let it dry out for a few days. So, in the middle of all this, I took Vicky and Kiana to the pet store to buy gravel. I don't like the new gravel (it has pink, purple, light blue and bright green) as much as I thought I would, so I will work on getting rid of the snails in the old gravel at some point and change it back in a month or two.

But the snails are gone. Everything has been cleaned, changed, and put back. The fish seem to be doing well. Had I known that live plants would be the cause of the invasion, I would have went with the fake ones, but live and learn.

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