June 28, 2007

so you want to be in the movies?

Okay, so I don't really have any power to get you on the big screen. Let's face it, if I did, I would have made my own debut a long time ago. But there is a way you can help aspiring writers obtain the dream of writing a screenplay or stage play.

For all your searching needs, simply go to www.goodsearch.com and select The Office of Letters and Light as your charity. For every search you do, they get a penny. I know, a penny isn't much, but it adds up. As a poor, aspiring writer myself, I have no money to give to ScriptFrenzy (which is run by the OLL) this year, or to NaNoWriMo (also run by OLL). But I can encourage all my readers to help out. And if you have a lot of extra cash around (or even $10) please consider making a tax-deductible gift to them by visiting here.

And thank you for helping all of us writers dream big and write wonderful stuff which may be coming to a theater near you sooner than you know!

(And as a side note, I'm at 16,000 words, which means I have to write 2,000 each day for the two days left of June to be a winner. I can do it!)

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