March 4, 2009

the effects of fire...

We had a wildfire south of Colorado Springs yesterday. It put smoke in the air--and smoke makes for interesting skies. Here are a few shots I got:

This one was on the way home around noon. This is looking south on Academy Blvd.

This was taken around five in the evening, up on Hwy. 83. That bright spot above the peak was smoke created, and it had a lovely red side. The sun in a bit to the north (right, behind the street sign). It was strange to see two bright spots in the sky.

Here's a shot that got a little bit of the red color.

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MangyCat said...

I'm glad you got some pictures of this. I was struck by the beauty of the smoke against the regular clouds and sky as well. The fire's still burning on Fort Carson, and I believe there's one more going elsewhere in Colorado.