March 12, 2009


I love it. I stopped by the mall yesterday and thought to check if my favorite store (CJ Banks) had any jeans on sale. They did. So I found a pair for $20. Not the best sale, but when I got to the register, the sales clerk told me they were part of the 25% sale, on TOP of the sale price, so they came out to about $15!

I love it when they are wide at the bottom, and you can barely see my toes.

Then I drove up to Parker and stopped at Walmart to grab a few things. They had some awesome clearance items, including a pair of athletic pants for $3, and a pretty pink shirt for $3. Here's the detail on the shirt. Yes, I'm wearing it today!
In the men's section, I found two awesome tee shirts for $5 each.

Those two just seemed to fit me!

And that's my clothes shopping for the next few months unless a new job (with a new paycheck) comes my way. Yay for bargains!

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... Paige said...

OMG I love those tees...I need on for my beloved (ok me too)