August 17, 2007

picking on the little guy...

It has been a week and I haven't posted. And I like to post more often than that, but as you may know, I want to have something witty and funny to say or I won't post. So I'm in that delicate place of not having anything earth-shattering to talk about nor something funny to mention, but a gnawing urge to post. So here I am.

I guess I could point you all to the news about the Peru earthquake. I am thankful that none of our sponsored children are in that area, but I have a lot of friends there in Lima. My prayers are with them.

I could tell you about my new fish, Binker. He got a name because he is so small and, as a friend said, "he needs to compensate". He is a dwarf puffer and he is adorable. Granted, if I scare him, he might puff up and then not be able to deflate. This would be fatal for him. So no scaring the fish!

I'm sure there is something else I could talk about, but nothing comes to mind. Maybe I'll be more poetic tomorrow. For today, I'm just me, sojourning through the day, waiting for the amazing to happen.


Aimee said...

Binker, huh? Thats a cool name! I've never seen a puffer, let along a dwarf one. Posting a Pic of him might be cool....just a suggestion! ;)

Sara said...

If I can get him to sit still long enough to take a pic, I will :) I just looked over and he is cruzing around the back of the tank, his favorite hobby.