August 22, 2007

a bit camera shy...

So, at Aimee's suggestion, I attempted to take pictures of Binker. Turns out he can move pretty fast when he wants to and he had an aversion to the camera, so I have a lot of little blurs :)

But I found these photos out on the web to give you an idea of what he looks like.

Yep, Binker looks like that, 'cept he tends to curl his "tail" around a bit to his left side.

And this shows you how tiny they are... not much bigger than an M&M.

Cute little guy... but like I said, don't startle them... some of them are so small they can't deflate. And that would be rather tragic. I don't want Binker to puff up if he can't puff down :)


Holly said...

hey there chica!
long time no talkey!
I should have known that you'd be an avid blogger!!!
I'm addin' you to my list right now!

Greg and Elaina Gipson said...

Hi Sara!
Just checkin' out your blog and thought maybe we could get together for lunch sometime??? You still need to meet Isaac! Check out my blog.

Miss ya,