September 6, 2007

a little bit of dust...

It has been said that to fly, all it takes is faith and trust and a little bit of pixie dust. I'd like to put in my order for that dust right now. A tiny pinch should do the trick. Get it here so I can get on my way to Neverland (second star to the right and straight on to morning). I could seriously use the vacation from my life about now.

Several of you know that three weeks ago, as my family got ready for our annual fishing trip, one mishap after another bombarded us. My brother was one person away from being put on a jury that would have kept him from joining us. My dad's well quit working, leaving him without water. My sister's house situation was up in the air with the California buyers staling and turning in paperwork late. I kept praying that the assault would cease.

It didn't.

Thursday night (two weeks ago), on my way to Cheyenne, I had a run in with a raccoon. Yep, a raccoon. I guess it was technically Friday morning as it was 4 am. I was north of Fort Collins, about 20 miles from the state line when he appeared in my headlights. By the time I saw him it was too late and he met my bumper, then my compressor and radiator in a matter of seconds. It doesn't take long when going 75 miles an hour.

So there I am, 4 am, on the side of I-25 with a car that shouldn't go (the darn thing BENT my radiator). I called my brother and got no answer. I called my dad but he had turned off his phone. So I called roadside assistance and they were so kind and helpful. She kept asking for routine info over and over (which helped keep me calm). The nice lady arranged a tow for me. Granted, I had to sit on the side of the road for another hour and a half before they got there, but they came.

Now, I don't have much of a job (don't get me wrong, the work I do in the nursery is vital to the church and I know that I'm in a special position to influence kids when they are highly malleable, but it doesn't pay that great) which means paying for repairs is a bit tough. I had plans to get out and hit the job search hard when I got home, but without a car, that is kinda hard.

I'm not sure what God is trying to show me here. I have some thoughts but none of them pan out very far. Add that to the fact that every day is a teeter-totter about my future (PeaceCorps again, find a real job, try to get published, become a nun...) and, well, Neverland looks better every moment. I could hang out on a pirate ship... swim with the mermaids... sing songs to the Lost Boys.

Just please make sure there are no raccoons there, they are on my bad list right now.


Holly said...

pretty sure I saw raccoons in neverland when I was there...

Sarah said...

Please don't become a nun. I would be sad and lonely. And you would also have to convert.