September 23, 2007

the hunt is on...

Yep, job hunting. I start in earnest in the morning. Oh the joy. And since I find the whole topic rather depressing, here's something I do like. More poetry :) I gave the challenge to write a poem with the final line "because the heart of the plum is a stone". Thanks to Miss Pottenger for helping me come up with that line. And here it is...

The Core

Balance the knife over
the red belly- cut clean
to release the star-
“Fruit holds such mystery,”
you say as you hand over
the apple.

He bites into the crisp flesh without
noticing the hallowed points. “Granted,
some fruit doesn’t hide its enigma
at the core,” you continue- louder
to be heard over his crunching. “Like
strawberries- seeds on their coats
for all to see- a cave in the middle.”

He looks up from his breakfast
“Where is the mystery in a plum?”
he asks as you pull apart
the orange phases of a moon.
You shrug as he swallows the last
bite of apple and says,
“because the heart of the plum is a stone.”

(c) SDD 2007


Anonymous said...

Perhaps some of the movement at camp in the early morning would have been hunters. That's almost a given in Sept in CO

Sara said...

Hunters are not exempt from rules of common curtsey or safety... I expect more respect for the wildlife AND other campers from hunters...