October 2, 2007

as the year rolls by...

Can you believe that it is October already? I am having a hard time with that. Lots of reasons, none that I want to go into right now, but still- October?

I applied for a job at the library. Good hours and great pay. Haven't heard back but they said it would take them a week and a half or so, and it has only been a week today. Putting out a few other applications. Lots of places are hiring for the holidays so maybe I can get in on that and be wonderful enough that they will want to keep me.

In other news, I got lots of new books to read!! A family from church blessed me with a gift card to Target as a thank you for helping their adopted daughter acclimate to life in the US (she is from China and was adopted in March). I thought that was sweet. She was in my class when she first came to the US and I worked with her parents to help her get used to being left in the nursery. I did it because they needed the help and I have experience. I wasn't looking for thanks, but it was nice to receive it. So I bought a Jodi P book, Plain Truth, with part of my blessing. Then, today Miss Pottenger invited me in to peruse her collection and let me borrow several. So I snagged another Jodi P book, the first Dresden Files, and a few others.

I'll have to hurry up and read to make my goal of 75 this year. It is the only resolution that I'm anywhere close to keeping, so I feel very motivated to keep it fully. I have 45 titles in my done pile, but there are a few of those I haven't actually finished. I either need to delete them or finish (which might require a complete re-read at this point- yikes!).

Also, I've been writing a slew of new poetry. This is a result of mentoring on CleanPlace and doing the poetry challenges. I figure I can't challenge the teens to do something I haven't done- so lots of new poems are coming out of me. It is kinda nice to know I can still write a decent poem once in a while. I'll post more of them soon.

And I entered the Family Circle Short Fiction contest. I thought my story was good, one of the best I've written. Just waiting for the end of the month to see if it goes anywhere.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you are up to!

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