April 20, 2009

penny saved, penny lost

I went to Walmart to grocery shop tonight. The fridge was a bit bare, and I got paid, so I was ready. So I go there, filled up my cart, found some good deals, and got in line. As usual, there were no short lines (which I find odd for almost nine at night, but hey). So I end up behind the crazy deal lady. She had EVERY advertisement from every grocery store in town, and I think she might have bought everything that was on sale SOMEPLACE ELSE! And apparently Walmart will honor other sales prices.

So I ended up waiting for over 20 minutes as the already slow and unmotivated cashier had to override price after endless price.

If they were getting rated on the things MY store is rated on, Walmart would be getting F's in all areas--and the customer, too.



Anonymous said...

Sorry Sara, that was ME at the store :)

... Paige said...

So what you're saying is it is a bad thing for others to save money OR Walsmart need more chashiers?

Yeah,I agree more Cashiers would be a good thing...a very good thing

I need to go to walsmart now, thanks alot Sara

Sara said...

saving money is great, but be more considerate--be ready, don't stand there searching for stuff--if you are going to go to all that trouble, you should have it organized! I'm just a big fan of NOT wasting time, mine or other people's, if I can help it--

anon--ah ha! I got you--but you don't look like the lady, you look much too nice :)