October 2, 2008


Life is full of comings and goings. Two years ago, one of my bestest friends went to Ghana to serve in the Peace Corps. Dara is amazing and over the last few years, she has really worked to achieve this dream. It was hard to let her go (and that was made even more difficult by my own return from PC service since we thought we would at least be on the same continent for a while). But this December she is coming back. I would say home, but I have a feeling that right now, Ghana is home for her. Home is a funny word and one that I know I can't pin down--so I won't attempt to do so for another person.

I can't wait for Dara to be back. I miss hanging out with her. She is the all-time best person for me to watch movies with because she gets my quirky humor. We are the sort of friends that will go out for a "quick" dinner and still be at the restaurant hours later, deep in conversation. I appreciate Dara's outlook on life, her artist eye and her amazingly generous heart. She is a true blessing in my life.

And in two months, she will be back here, in Colorado. When she left, I told her that the balance of the world was now off-kilter. I'm anxious for it to stabilize again!


MangyCat said...

It's so plain to see how much you love your friend Dara, and I'm happy for you that you will be reunited--at least for a time. :o)

I agree that the concept of "home" is so hard to pin down for an individual and is always changing as we move through life.

Dara said...

wow! I just now got to read your cool post about me... and I can't help but blush. I feel so loved. and the feeling is mutual. Can't wait to see you! Only a month and a couple of days til we can see each other again! I can't believe how time flies!!
Really can't wait to have a movie and Panera date with ya!