October 30, 2008

curls and nonsuch...

I finally got curls. Lots of curls.

I've been waiting for a year now to get another perm. Curls help keep me from hating my ever so straight and ever so flat hair. But curls also cost money. Thanks to a dear friend who took some B&BW stuff off my hands, I had some extra cash. And Shelly told me about the Salon Professional Academy where they do perms for considerably less than most places (and the students are checked every step of the way, so a mishap is no more likely than with any other place).

So I have curls.

But I also have chemical smell.

I don't recall a perm ever being so very smelly before. I didn't sleep a wink last night because the chemicals were so overwhelming. I rinsed my hair this morning just to help (plus, it was frizz city and I can't handle frizz!). I have to hold out until tomorrow to wash it--pray for me!

(photos to come when I have a) someone to take the picture and b) my laptop to upload said picture.)

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MangyCat said...

The price one must pay for beauty...