October 13, 2008

things I can't do on the mac...

I'm house-sitting in Black Forest for this amazing house. In the backyard there are two ponds and a man-made stream. Yes, there are koi in the pond, but I rarely see them. This couple owns 10 acers and I've seen deer walking by as I ate dinner. It's lovely, really. Even if the dog tried to give me a heart attack yesterday and the smoke detector attempted to damage my hearing for good.

The major drawback to staying at this place is that they don't have wi-fi. There isn't a wi-fi signal in the area to even mooch off of. What do they have? Internet on a Macintosh desktop computer.

While I think Apple does fun commercials--I'm very unconvinced that Macs are better. In fact, after the last two weeks, I'm pretty sure I won't buy one. Ever.

PC's, for all their instability and failings, seem to work logically. I can find stuff and make programs work like they should. They have multiple buttons on the mouse to give you options, including the amazing scroll bar. When I tell my PC to copy something, it does it. It doesn't pretend to copy. The PC also knows the difference between a backspace and a delete. They are not the same thing.

So, I've been having to schlep my way to Panera every few days to get things done online. It's a tad annoying, considering that it means less time by said pond and woods!

If I ever live in such a lovely place, I'm totally having wireless internet so my friends won't suffer!


Flynn The Hard Way Lastname said...

Of course windows are more logical; you've grown up with them. I've known born and raised mac users who struggle with the non-intuitive windows interface.

Also, the lack of scroll wheel/right mouse button is a limitation easily solved by getting a better mouse ;)

I've never had problems copying and pasting either...windows has given me far more problems with that.

All that said, there is no "better" computer. I tend to defend macs, because so many people dislike them because of their window's bias, but I don't think they're intrinsically "better." A computer is an individual thing; PCs are better for some, and Macs for others. Personally I use both about equally. But I'm a computer science major, so what do I know? :P

Sara said...

actually--I "grew up" with both and have used macs at both school and work before--and the macs have never been as easy to pick up for me and many I've worked with. And since the computer isn't mine, I'm not buying a better mouse and keyboard :P

Flynn The Hard Way Lastname said...

Fascinating. (And yes, my suggestion about the mouse and keyboard was meant in a more general way, since in your situation it is not really applicable. ;) )