October 22, 2008

some days it is worth it...

to get out of bed. I haven't been having the best week so far, and honestly, I just wanted to stay warm and blissfully unaware today (which means staying in bed). But I got up. And I came to Panera to be productive. And I was early enough for souffles.

And as it turned out, my souffle was free because it was about to "expire". That just means they had held it to max hold time and would throw it out. Since it was just expiring, I didn't mind. So I got my favorite breakfast for free.

Now if only the creepy old guys by the window would understand that it's rude to lift the shades and allow all the glares off the cars parked outside in--then we would be having a perfect day!

(I'm sad to report that I've seen nothing wacky this week--nothing. The lack of strange and bizarre things is starting to concern me.)


MangyCat said...

Sorry you haven't been having the best week. :o(

As far as wackiness, it DID snow. But maybe that's more super cool than wacky. ;o)

Sara said...

snow isn't wacky this late in October :P