October 21, 2008

things I just don't get...

* why people WON'T hire you for being well qualified. Don't they understand that just because you CAN do more doesn't mean you always MUST do more? And that sometimes you just want to get a foot in the door and are happy to start at the bottom?

* why I can't use shampoo and conditioner at the same rate.

* why the floor is always 5 degrees colder than the top of the room (okay, I do understand this one, I just fine it odd that it's always 5 degrees).

* why I didn't know how cool forensics were in high school or early college when I might have had a chance to get a degree in it.

* why Sprint thinks that their "product placement" commercials would make anyone want to buy their phones.

* why ANYONE would watch Celebrity Rehab--honestly, I don't like these people anyway, why do I want to watch them act like spoiled children.


MangyCat said...

I finally figured out the shampoo/conditioner thing several years ago. The fact is, you don't need much shampoo to get a lather, but conditioner takes quite a bit more for proper coverage.

... Paige said...

Very interesting Whys.

And when someone figures out your first Why, it will be a mystery to us all.

Shampoo and Conditioner will both depend on the type of water you have and how coarse your hair is. But they all normally say a Dime or Quarter size portion in the palm of your hand.

I'll skip the floor thing since you go it.

Forensics wasn't cool then, now it is because of Technology.

Sprint is grasping at straws any straws.

I wonder about the Rehab anybody- an that intervention thang. Sorry but I know for a fact that until the person with the addiction is ready to stop...they will not stop. So the are cured for a day or two or weeks/months but until it is something they Want it, it won't last.

Sara said...

The funny thing is, I use almost twice the amount of conditioner as I do shampoo--which means I buy 2 bottles of conditioner to every 1 of shampoo--which I guess it okay, but it gets old.

I think forensics WAS popular when I got into college (it wasn't THAT long ago!) but I just wasn't as into it. If I had the funds to go back to school, I'd totally get a degree in forescis...

thanks for the comments ladies!

Warrior Maiden said...

I use a little more than two bottles of conditioner for every one bottle of shampoo. I feel your pain.