October 1, 2008

wacky wednesday...

Ever notice how wacky the world gets sometimes? Or just the fun things, the odd, the bizarre? Well, now we can share. Through the week, I'll be watching and waiting for something wacky. And then on Wednesday, I'll post my find. Join me and leave a comment with your wacky (or funny, odd and bizarre) find!

This week, the thing that made me go "huh?" was the Domino's pizza guy in the drive through line at Chick-Fil-A. I wish I'd gotten a picture, but I had no camera with me :( .


Flynn said...

Ooh! Today, I got the strangest devotional from a professor ever...the whole devo was about why "Only the good die young" wasn't true, so we didn't have to go around being afraid of dying young if we were good. It was pretty funny...

and, dare I say it? Whacky! :-O

Sara said...

that's great!

MangyCat said...

How about this for a drive-through story? I had just baked some individual coffee cakes in muffin cups for a volunteer meeting at church, and I stopped by Burger King to get some foodish distractions for the kids.

The lady at the drive thru was frazzled. She was obviously having a bad day. She wasn't being unfriendly, but she was hurried and seemed stressed.

I felt the Holy Spirit poking me, pointing at the coffee cakes. Before I lost my nerve, after the lady gave me our bags, I asked, "Can I ask you a question?"

Then I had her rapt attention. "Yes?" (Read: "What now?")

"Do you like coffee cake?"

She paused a second and said, "Yes, I do."

I opened the container of coffee cake muffins and held it out to her. "I think you could use one."

Her eyes lit up. She took one and took one of those long sniffs that you use on fresh roses. Then she asks, "Can I have two?"

I drove away from there with two less coffee cakes, but I felt awesome...and a little wacky.