October 9, 2008

worship part two...

I told you that I had revelations on Sunday--more than one.  I did.  Sunday evening I went with the Myers clan to Street Church.  

Let's just say, Street Church is way out of my comfort zone.  And the funny thing about it is that it isn't the poverty and homelessness that I struggle with.  It's the having to talk to total strangers.  I know that some of you are under the impression that I'm an extrovert.  You're wrong.  I'm rather introverted and I really don't enjoy talking to people I don't know.  When the person in line behind me at Walmart strikes up a conversation, I'm the one who becomes intensely interested in my green beans.  I hate calling for pizza (and I am ever so thankful for internet ordering) because I hate having to interact vocally with someone I don't know.

So you can see why Street Church might be difficult for me.  

But I went.  I never would have gone without Scott and Shelly.  And thankfully, Scott is really good at networking and meeting people.  In turn, he would introduce me and give us something to talk about.  It goes like this.  Scott meets Dennis and they talk for a few minutes.  I come over and Scott says, "Dennis, this is my friend, Sara.  Sara, this is Dennis.  He's an artist."  From that point, I have some point of knowledge that I can hide behind until I've gotten to know Dennis.

I did meet Dennis and he is an artist.  He sells his work on craigslist.  I also met John and Issac.  Issac didn't want to talk, which was sad because he was the one that pricked my interest the most.  

Back to worship.  I've always been a fan of "alternate worship": dancing, art, serving, etc.  I just haven't gotten to stretch myself as of late.  Street Church tugged my worship this week.  I'm sure I'll be going back in the future (as long as I have friends like Scott and Shelly to encourage me!) and I look forward to a time when I will know the people there and not be the introverted wallflower.  Then, we'll be worshiping together--and that's what it is all about.


MangyCat said...

What a great experience! I feel the same as you in that I don't think it would be the people's situation that made me nervous, but more their unfamiliarity. (Hence the reason why I don't frequent bridal or baby showers even for good friends.)

Good on ya for taking a leap! Let us know of any further adventures with Street Church.

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