May 11, 2013

to the theater...

Welcome back!  Today we get the letter T.  Such a fun letter.  So which story do I love that starts with T?

Twelfth Night

This Shakespearean classic is one that I have studied much, and in doing so, I have fallen in love with it.  I remember the first time I read it, back in high school, and having long class discussions about the title (which stems from the holiday the play was supposedly commissioned for, but the subtitle is "What You Will", and the word "will" is a loaded one, for sure!).  And I loved Viola, and how she was trying to protect herself, and in doing so, causes all manner of trouble. 

And because women weren't allowed on stage, we get lots of delicious cross-dressing and people pretending to be other people.  And yellow stockings. 

I really like how the Bard took the traditional love triangle and makes it more overlapping circles.  We have Viola in love with the Duke who is in love with Olivia who is in love with Cesario (who is Viola in disguise).  Throw in a twin brother (Sebastian), an ill-fit suitor, a drunk uncle, a scheming fool, and you are sure to have a great time. 

The play is wonderful, but since plays are written to be watched, I highly recommend the 1996 version with Helena Bonham Carter as Olivia.

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