May 7, 2013

please pass the peace...

You would think P would be a difficult letter.  It's not highly popular in Wheel of Fortune, but I found I had a lot of choices with this letter.  In fact, I couldn't pick just one, so today, you get three favorite stories.

The Painted Veil

This is one of my all-time favorite movies, and some days, it is my very top pick.  Naomi Watts and Edward Norton star in the adaptation of Summerset's novel (skip the novel, watch the movie, you will thank me), and it's so wonderful.

The story is about a married couple in the 1920's.  She commits adultery, and he decides to punish her in the only way he can, by dragging her to a remote location in China where is he is going to work.

I know, doesn't sound very promising, does it?  But believe me, it's one of the most moving stories of love you will EVER see.  It's a story about deciding to love, about realizing you are unlovable, and about restoring (and in some cases, creating for the first time) love after betrayal.

And the cinematography is stunning, as if you needed another reason to watch it.


You all know I adore Jane Austen, and this is my favorite Austen tale.  I know, you thought I'd go with Pride & Prejudice (which I do love), but there is something about Anne Elliot that I adore.  So even though I am most like Elizabeth as far as personality, I feel like Anne's story is the one that gives me the most hope.  I love the book, and the movie version with Amanda Root is pretty fantastic.

This story is a second-chance love story. Anne was convinced by her family and friends to give up her engagement to Wentworth eight years prior.  And now he's a Captain, and made his way in the world, and he's back.  But does he still care for Anne?  Read it and find out!


The second book in C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy, this one is my favorite (usually) of the three.  What I love about it is that we see a new world, a new race of beings, and they are being tempted just like Adam and Eve.  Only this time, God has sent a helper, someone to argue FOR not sinning.  And that helper is Ransom.

I adore Ransom in all the books, but in this one I feel like we really get to know him best.  We see him at his weakest points, and we see his humanity.  This book also has my favorite passage ever, and we also get a very adorable Lewis (the character and narrator) that I just have to adore.

There you have it--my three P's!

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