May 9, 2013

ruby red...

Welcome to the Letter R.  I had only one choice for this letter.  Keep reading to see what it is!

Raven Stole the Moon

I have to thank my friend David for introducing me to Garth Stein, but I have myself to thank for picking up this gem by him.  I enjoyed Stein's writing in The Art of Racing in the Rain (even if I wasn't thrilled at the narrator being a dog) enough to pick this one up at a used bookstore, and I was not disappointed.

This story weaves Inuit myth with the heartbreak of a mother whose child has died.  It takes us on a journey through loss and coping and needing answers, through Alaska and into the heart of the raven myths.  Stein really weaves the elements together well in this one, and he always kept me guessing as to what would happen next.  And as a writer, I am always impressed when an author can do that (since I often figure it out way ahead of time).

Do yourself a favor and check out Stein and this amazing story.

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