November 28, 2008

why I don't shop on black friday...

Today is the biggest shopping day of the year.  And I won't be participating.  I have several good reasons.

1. I prefer to sleep.  I haven't found a sale yet worth getting up early for.  Sleep is a precious commodity and I like to invest in it--especially in the early hours of the morning.

2. I hate crowds.  I'm an introvert.  Crowds, especially crazy mobs, are a total turn off.

3. I work retail.  Yes, I have to work on Friday.  I have to get up at the crack of dawn (when I should be sleeping, see #1) and be at work at absurd hours so that crazy, frantic, cranky (they didn't get enough sleep, either), rude, impatient people can spend a few less dollars.  After working one season of retail on a Black Friday, I swore that even if I was tempted, I wasn't going to ever shop on Black Friday.

To all of you who ARE going out today--please please please remember to be nice to the people who are working.  Smile.  Don't raise your voice.  Be patient.  Understand you are the 500th person to ask the same question, and our voice is slipping away from answering.  Do not get snippy with us, do not get huffy when we point to the back of the line half a block away.  You made the choice to shop on this hellish day, you could have been smart and stayed home.  I'm sure the few dollars you save would be worth your sanity.  I know it's worth mine.

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