November 20, 2008

can't say no...

I don't know how many of you have ever used eHarmony, but I found this a bit shocking. Apparently, businesses no longer have a right to refuse service to somebody. Apparently, if you get upset, you can force a business to serve you, even if it goes against everything they stand for.

I'm tired of groups wanting equality and wanting everyone to be accepting, and then those same groups turn around and are unaccepting of those who are different than them. Perhaps we need to start a revolution that shouts for freedom to be ourselves, to not have our beliefs questioned, to be able to do what WE want.

I know one thing, if I were still a member of eHarmony, I would cancel over this. Just because I think it's weak to give in when refusing to provide a service is something that we should be able to do under the name of freedom.

I wonder when this nation will realize that we are in a handbasket that is flying down a road paved with good intentions...


... Paige said...

I agree, what kind of crap is that.
our forefathers fought for us to be free and now from the inside we are chained and bound.

hand basket, more like a run away train barreling down a mountain

Flynn The Hard Way Lastname said...

...IF say E-Harmony were the only dating website ever and no one else could possibly open one up, I would ALMOST see the sense in this. But seriously? It's not like there aren't dozens of online dating services out there that won't discriminate against those people.