November 6, 2008

quiz oh quizical...

Because Holly said I had to consider myself tagged if I read hers...

wine OR beer: neither--mixed drinks!
coffee OR tea: tea
night gown OR pajamas: pj's
bath OR shower: mostly shower, with an occasional bubble bath
lefty OR righty: mostly righty but I can do a lot with my left hand...
cake OR pie: pie, but not a huge fan of either
pumpkin pie OR pecan pie: pecan
one story OR two story: why can't I have lots of stories?
dog OR cat: cat, don't have one, but want one. Not so much a dog person
early bird OR night owl: night owl baby
sport utility OR car: drive a car, want a Jeep
vanilla OR chocolate: mint?
scrambled OR over-easy: depends on my mood
dress OR pants: pants, usually
mustard OR ketchup: mustard, not a big fan of ketchup
red OR green: green
laptop OR desktop: lappy
coke OR pepsi: coke
flats OR high heels: flats
fiction OR non-fiction: fiction, hands down
pulp OR no pulp: no pulp
hugs OR kisses: um, going with hugs for now
will YOU play along OR won't you?

I will tag Miss Pottenger, because I know she can't resist--and Aimee, because I know she updates her blog on a regular basis :P

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