November 25, 2008


So on Saturday night I trudged to Panera and made myself sit there until I passed the 50K mark. Not only did I pass the mark, but I wrapped up the novel. That's rare for me to wrap it up so quickly, but this year, I had to really stretch the final bit to get enough words.

In order to help out the Colorado Springs regional word count (we are hovering between 50th and 55th place), I'm going to explore a few of the scenes from other view points. My entire novel is written in first person POV. Tabitha, my main character, is sixteen. So I'm interested in seeing how some of the events play out in someone else's mind.

I can't verify the novel until later today...but soon I shall have a purple bar on the NaNo site. I live for the purple bar!


... Paige said...

I was wandering how you were doing on this.


Happy Thanksgiving

Sara said...

thanks Paige!