November 1, 2007

and I'm off... a great start, that is! After rising early and heading into the office (yep, it figures that November 1 would be a Thursday and I would be working!), and then working all day, going to dinner with some friend (Shelly and kids) and then heading back to church to collate the magazine, I finally got to come home and write. I didn't start until 9:25. With only one break of about 10 minutes, I managed to pound out a whopping 2,250 words. Considering the daily total needed is 1,667, I think I did pretty well.

I know I can write a lot and do it fast. But, unlike many Wrimos, I am actually trying to write something with a bit of value and worthy of being polished and published. So I'm not just writing drivel here! Not that it is overly amazing prose, but it is decent. The same quality I would write any other month of the year. I'm just writing more of it this month.

Well, I think I've earned an Oreo or two and a glass of milk as my reward. Then it is off to bed. After all, tomorrow is another day and more words are waiting to be written!!

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