November 18, 2007

odds and ends...

So, the last week of writing hasn't gone as well as the previous weeks. Well, the writing has gone fine, the story is still chugging along and I love it, but finding time to write and keeping up with the rest of life has gotten a bit more demanding all of the sudden.

I'm at 32,775 as of tonight- still ahead (the goal today was 30K) but my lead is slipping. I started a new job last week and had my first real shifts this weekend. Oh yeah, in case you missed it, I'm working at Bath&BodyWorks. I'm enjoying it and my managers seem to love me, I'm just not used to hours on my feet and talking so much (Hi, welcome to B&BW, who are you shopping for today? Let me tell you about our specials. Would you like a bag?" At least when I was on the phones I could have a drink handy. I had two sips of fluid in 3 hours. I was parched to say the least. But I love helping people find the right gift or item for themselves. So I can't complain much (my feet say otherwise, but they will get over it).

Anyway, I had my first day of not writing this week (Wednesday) because I was just drained and ready to curl up. So I did- and watched Bionic Woman and Life before going to bed. Tonight I wrote a measly 775- my lowest writing day so far (other than the 0 day of course). But tomorrow I'm scheduled to camp out at Panera so my Wrimos can pick up their tee shirts and I'll be there for 5 hours, so I should get a ton of words done. That is, if I remember to turn of the internet once in a while!

Interesting fact- on the NaNo site, I have 13 people listed as my buddies. I quit adding people when I saw that it would only show 9 people on the list. Well, tonight I decided to see who had ME listed as their buddy. There are 21. And get this- there are 3 people I don't know- I've never talked to them, never posted on the forums with them, have no earthly clue who they are. I have a few from my region who put me as their friend (probably because they keep getting emails from me saying "go go go! you can do it!") and then a handful of people I do know.

I find it amusing that people who don't know me want to be my friend. Must be my amazing word count or something!

Alright, signing off. Have a great week- and Happy Thanksgiving!

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