November 5, 2007

insanity loves company...

We had our first official write-in for Colorado Springs yesterday. I was a bit nervous because so far, no one had responded to the unofficial ones that I did and I wasn't sure there would be anyone besides my two friends, Dianna and Sarah, in attendance. I knew Dianna and Sarah would be there because I was picking both of them up :).

So we got to Pikes Perk (downtown) and found three people already there! And over the next few minutes, another few trickled in. And then two came a bit later. In all, we had 13 of us there! After the 2005 joke of having no one show for most write-ins that I planned- I was thrilled! We all wrote like crazy and I think no one left with less than 1000 words. Most of us gained 2000+. It was great.

I ended the write in with 9,515 words- an uneven total for me, but I thought I might write a bit more at home. I didn't. I was tired and then we had to deal with the art for our shirts (which I learned we couldn't use the name of the event because it is service marked) and time just slipped away. That's okay. I was only going to try for 485 words to make an even 10K.

This is the farthest ahead I've ever been (day 4 goal is 6,668) and I'm enjoying it. Granted, because I've been writing almost all year I'm accustomed to writing, so I needed no warm up.

Alright, I'm off to take out the trash and maybe get ready to leave the house, go to Panera and write! Happy Monday!

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