November 9, 2007

what do you feed your muse?

Personally, mine enjoys a diet of Mt. Dew, Gobstoppers and soft pretzels. But maybe that is just MY muse...

Well, the first week of NaNo has come and gone. After eight days of writing, I have a nice and comfy 17,250 words written. For those of you who have asked, that is about 26 and 1/2 pages, single spaced, 12 point Times New Roman. That may not sound like that much, but when you put that into proper formatting, it comes out to 54 pages (and that is without chapter breaks). Of course, a typed page and a page in a book don't have a lot in common, but that's okay. It gives you a sense of what I've been up to.

Despite the flurry of words I find myself dodging these days, there are few things I've neglected. Except maybe the dishes- I hate doing dishes and any excuse is a good one to get out of dishes. Other than that, I've kept up with life as normal. I am very much enjoying my new responsibilities at church (I am the Thursday receptionist) and I may be starting a retail job shortly.

And to keep you all entertained, here is a short poem I wrote in honor of NaNo. I wanted another post point on CleanPlace (because 109 is such an awkward number) and because the form is so much fun to write. This is a triolet, one of my favorite types of poems to write. Please enjoy and leave me a comment so I know who is lurking!

A NaNo Triolet

With words aflutter in my brain-
I'm having trouble sleeping.
The rest of life goes down the drain,
with words aflutter in my brain-
Please close the door, I’ve gone insane-
With my characters I'm weeping!
With words aflutter in my brain-
I'm having trouble sleeping!

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Johanna said...

Hi Sara! Just checking in and asking how is the writing going. Go, Sara, Go! You are doing great!! :.)