April 20, 2007

things I wish I could remember...

I used to have a great memory. Over the years I have memorized many lines and poems and song lyrics. I can still remember the preamble to the Constitution and much of the Gettysburg Address. So I am baffled as to why I cannot remember simple, regular things.

For example, I go to Panera often (several times a week) and many times, I will order my favorite meal (that, at least, I remember). A chicken salad sandwich or the sandwich and a bowl of baked potato soup. What I NEVER remember is that they put onions on the sandwich and I don't like they way they taste. I NEVER remember to ask them to hold the onions. So I end up picking the onions off (which isn't that hard) and then have a pile of onions on my plate.

Another thing I can't seem to remember is that the garbage goes out on Fridays. This morning, I didn't remember until I heard the truck coming up the street. Thankfully, I moved fast and got both cans out as they pulled up. I don't feel as bad on this one since Nathan also forgets, but honestly, forget too many times in a row and your house may be taken over.

Thankfully, I remember the important stuff, like showing up for work and where I put the car keys, how to drive and so on. But there is a serious element of frustration to not remembering commonplace things.

So, what do you wish you could remember, or what have you recently forgotten?

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