April 17, 2007

my reward...

Since Sarah did a gloating post, I figured I should do one as well. On Saturday, I finished my novel. Really finished it, not just a got bored and tied it up but actually felt that it was done, finished.

To reward myself, I decided to get an aquatic frog. And then, since it cost about the same, I got a 5 gallon aquarium instead of a big bowl. I used some of my birthday money. And now, I have a frog, an algae eater and three guppies (all male, so no baby guppies for me). I am SO excited to have pets again. And these ones won't leave hair all over the house (yea!!).

And I started my next novel today and I'm really excited about it. If you want to help, then leave a comment and let me know the answer to this question: If you could have a superpower, which would you have and why.


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