April 23, 2007

go fly a kite...

Sometimes, you need to return to your childhood, even if just for a moment. Today, I got to do that with the help of a kite. Will bought a kite at the dollar store and I got to help him fly it his backyard. It brought back great memories of my dad making Vicky and I kites out of red garbage bags when we were little.

I used to love flying kites, fighting against the wind. Seeing a kite flying, dancing in the air, is such a simple yet amazing thing. It's like blowing bubbles, it remind me of peace and that childlike quality that we all search for.

So, on the next windy day, head to the nearest dollar store (where Will bought his kite for just one little dollar) and pick up a kite and then go to a park and have a blast.

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