April 12, 2007

greatness and pretty toes...

It's been a great week, and I always like great weeks. First, on Monday, I got to go to a reading/signing by Jodi Picoult. In case you haven't heard of Jodi, she is an AMAZING author. She has 14 books now, I've read three of them. Not only can the girl write, but she reads well, too. I went with Miss Pottenger, her mom and her aunt. We got to Denver hours early and were first in line. That means we got fron row seats and were first for book signing.

Here's a lovely photo of Jodi as she started to read. And one of her signing Sarah's book.

The week went on and I got to see Jake's first ball game of the year. It was stinkin' cold but we had fun watching the boys play. And now, today, is my birthday. My 29th birthday, to be exact. Shelly told me to be ready at 11 for something, so I was ready. I knew something was up when she said we hade to stop somewhere first and that I had to wear WHATEVER she said for the WHOLE time. But I've dressed up lots of times and I don't embarass easy, so I didn't care. She bought me a red feather boa, a purple sparkle hat and two balloons, a two and a nine. Then we went to Chick-Fil-A where the rest of the Myers' were waiting with the Tuggles and Clevelands. So we had a lunch party and the Chick-Fil-A staff gave me a stuffed cow and said I looked good for 92 (the balloons wouldn't stay in the right order).

After lunch, Shelly and I went on for pedicures. So now I have lovely toes to go with the lovely balloons, boa and hat.

So it's been a fun day. I'm thinking I might order a pizza. I don't need to but I want to and it's my birthday so I may do it just because.

So, leave me a comment and say happy birthday to me. Thanks for stopping by.

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