October 4, 2006

the wonderful world of packing...

It's begun. I love packing, and I hate it. I love making things fit but I hate having to make decisions. So I'm starting early to make sure that I have lots of time to agonize over what to take and what not to take.

The good news is that I think I won't have a problem with not having room for everything I want to take. The backpack I got (thanks mom!) has lots of room plus a daypack that attaches to the front with even more room. I thought about taking only that until I realized that my pillow would never fit and no way and I'm going to not take my pillow. Yes, I'm spoiled, but I also know that I sleep better with my contoured foam pillow under my head. And given the amount of stress I'm already experiencing, I need my sleep! SO the pillow is going. This means I'm also taking my small (carry-on size) suitcase. My pillow, two pairs of shoes, camera and hopefully the laptop will fit in that.

I can see you all squirming about that "l" word. Yes, I'm taking a laptop. It's recommended highly by current PCV's (that's Peace Corps Volunteers). As a teacher, it will be helpful to write assignment and track grades. I can charge it at school and then bring it home. The plus side is it also means I'll be able to watch DVD's!! And you all know how happy that makes me.

So, I'm packing (and unpacking, since I still need to wear the clothes I'm taking) and working my magic on the bags!

33 days until I leave for staging!!!!

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