October 3, 2006

ups and downs...

Okay, the record is now two days of crying, 0 days tears free.

Usually, when I get weepy, I have a good reason. But this week, I'm just bursting into tears at random. My supervisor said it has to be the stress and I'm inclined to agree. I'm really excited but also overwhelmed at all I have to do. Thankfully, I am a great multi-tasker and I'm getting things done.

On the docket this week is to pack up most of my room, donate a bunch of stuff to Goodwill (I've sorted almost all my clothes and given them away or will donate them), inventory my movie collection (thankfully, I just have to update it, but it will take a few hours to make sure I have everything!) and then move the movie collection. This weekend I may try to take Pippin to his new home.

So, no one has commented about what books they would take. Come on, it's not that hard! Read the post below about books and let me know your three choices. I'll tell you what I decide next week!

Stay tuned, the adventure is just beginning!


MangyCat said...

I'd guess the weeping has to do with the loss of life as you know it as well. I mean, a lot is about to change for you in a big way! These are all good things, but we are creatures of habit who are inclined to resist change in our deepest of hearts.

markh said...

First of all, great job on your site! I can't wait to check out your site and read about all your experiences. We know the Lord will guide you step by step. We are all proud of our Colorado girl!