April 25, 2013

dum du dum dum...

Here we are at the fourth letter of the alphabet: D.  I love this letter.  And I know you are expecting me to wax on about how much I love The Dresden Files (a natural choice, I know.  What's not to love?).  But I'm going to throw you a curve ball.  Ready?

The Dark Tower by C.S. Lewis

What?  You've never heard of Lewis' Dark Tower!  For shame!

You'll find this fantastic short story in a collection of stories and essays by the same name.  The story itself is somehow related to Lewis' space books--you can tell it's related, but not often sure where it would have gone.  (Reports are that it was a possible sequel to Out of the Silent Planet, before Perelandra.)  It deals with interdeminsional travel, and time travel.

Some of our favorite characters are here, primarily Lewis the narrator, MacPhee (an early version of him, at least) and Ransom.  It's a fascinating little tale about automatons and "othertime".

The most tragic thing about this is that this story is incomplete.  It has pages missing.  At crucial points.  Talk about making a reader go insane!  

I always find it fun to discover obscure works by favorite authors.  And while there are some who say this isn't Lewis, I believe that it is.  It's Lewis exploring, as all writers do.  And I find it a fantastic compliment to the rest of his works. 

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