April 23, 2013

and then came b...

Might as well blog while I'm thinking about it and have the time, right?

I started a series yesterday on favorite stories, and I'm picking one for each letter of the alphabet.  Today's letter is B.

The Book of Eli

This is a fairly new addition to favorites--I've only seen it twice.  But powerful story can capture you the first time around, and that's the case with this Denzel Washington film.

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where there isn't lot to eat and water is a precious resource.  We meet our lone traveler, Eli (Washington), who is headed west.  Eli carries a book.  Turns out this book is THE book (the Bible), and that a wannabe lord has been searching for a copy for quite a while now.  When he and Eli cross paths, things get a bit crazy.

This movie is gritty; there is nothing really pretty to be found.  Yet there is beauty in the motivation, in the determination, and in the outcome.

I find in The Book of Eli a story about God's love, protection, and mysterious ways.  Which is sorta funny, since the movie wasn't made by a Christian outfit.  And perhaps that makes me love it more, because it reminds me that Truth doesn't require perfection or even someone who agrees with it; it will shine through if the storyteller is willing to honestly tell the story.

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Sarah said...

This is how I feel about the Doctor Who reboot. It has so much to say about God and our relationship with him, yet it was created by an atheist.