February 2, 2011

day seven--detox DONE!

So, I almost forgot to do the detox today.


I was at my sister's overnight, and I didn't want to drink it while driving from her house back to mine (just in case it decided to give me one last hurrah--not a good idea on a road with NO rest stops!). And then I got home and was so focused on getting warm (hello subzero temps) and getting stuff inside that I sorta forgot.

So it was after 5 pm when I finally mixed it up. Thankfully, I'm much more accustomed to the taste now, and I was able to drink it down more quickly (I still made it last from before dinner until about an hour after--so I sorta "sipped through the day" :P ).

I'm happy to report that I feel great.

On the food side, however, I've had to make some modifications. Let's face it, counting calories takes a lot of time, and it drives me up the wall. So I'm working on figuring out good portions, and trying to balance slow and fast burning carbs. I know the fizz tabs and fit chews from Arbonne will help with this as they keep the blood sugar more even.

Tomorrow morning I'll see if the detox dropped any pounds. Even if it didn't, I feel so great that it was worth it!


Rebekah said...

Wahoo! Last day. =D Well done with the detox. I'm proud of you. =)

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