February 2, 2011

day five and six--detox

Well, I didn't blog yesterday because there wasn't much to report. I'm feeling great, my digestive system seems to have worked through the worst of the detox (let's face it, it's designed to get the junk out, and it did it well. There was only about 12 hours that were unpleasant, but even then, it wasn't more than slight discomfort, and I can't complain about that!). I have one more day of the drink, and then I'll be starting in using some of the support products, like the digestive support (to help get all the healthy stuff back in balance, just in case it got whacked in the detox).

I haven't been very good about counting calories, but I've been trying to watch portion size and avoid junk food. I did great until tonight when the bag of bbq chips just begged to be opened (I swear it's the cold playing tricks on my brain!). But I only ate a serving and then put them away. Yes, I do have self-control.

And now I'm off to take a lovely bath in the SeaSource Detox Soak to help aid the inside detox but pulling any other junk out of my skin!

Have a good night.

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