February 26, 2011

crossing the finish line...

Well, my 30 days are over and done. All in all, I can say that I feel much healthier, I'm sleeping better, and I even lost four pounds. I'd like to say that not losing more was my own fault completely because I did not exercise like I should, nor did I keep a very strict diet other than working in the shakes and fiber. Life sometimes gets a bit crazy, and it's really hard to even make a shake when you are traveling. If I had better discipline, I would have lost more. But it is really nice to know that without even trying, I was able to get the scale to budge (and it hasn't done THAT in months!).

I will continue to use the products because I like them and they work--the shakes not only taste great, but they keep me full, and they get me a lot of the vitamins that I don't get otherwise (if only someone would deliver fresh greens to my house every day, I would eat better, but alas, no one will :P ). And I want to get into more regular exercise (I'm still not doing well on that, but for March it is one the calendar, so maybe that will help!).

The good news is that I know I'm healthier than I was 30 days ago--so many toxins are gone, and I'm putting things in my body that are better for me. And in today's age of junk food, anytime we put good things in we should give a little cheer.

So that's my 30 days to fit journey--thanks for keeping up with me. And come back to find out about the other things I do, like books I read, which will be the next post!

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MangyCat said...

Congrats on making it to the end! I understand your frustration about making time to eat healthy and workout. It's so hard to balance everything sometimes. But even keeping it in mind will help give us that extra motivation when we're reluctant to schlep ourselves to the gym.

Good luck in March!