February 10, 2011

day fifteen--halfway to healthy?

So, I've made it halfway through my "30 Days to Fit" plan. And while I can happily report that I am feeling better, I also must sadly report that as far as pounds go, they haven't budged. However, I take full blame for that. I haven't been working out--I haven't even been to the gym. So other than a few things like taking the dog for a walk and lifting heavy boxes while cleaning the house, I just haven't been doing the second half of the equation.

What I've found is that while I enjoy going to the gym during the summer and fall (and probably spring), I just do not like going in winter. The best time for me to go is around 11 at night, because that's when other things (like making phone calls) shouldn't be done. But now, when the temps are falling far below zero, I have a hard time convincing myself to go to the gym...especially when swimming means wet hair, and sweat would freeze withing seconds upon exiting the gym.

So what to do?

Well, it's very apparent to me that I'm going to have to either force myself to the gym (which is unlikely, because let's face it, I am not good at making myself do things I don't like) or I can work out at home.

I have DVDs that I "enjoy"--including yoga and aerobic workouts. They don't take a lot of time or room. I just don't seem to do them.

So the second part of what I'm going to do is plan the time when I will work out. Put it down on a calendar. And then keep it.

And maybe in a few weeks the temps will get back to civilized and I can go to the gym again, because I do need some of the equipment there to really do some of the exercises that will be most beneficial.

On other fronts, I just made a shake--and this time, I used the blender. I've been resisting the blender because it takes longer, makes the shake warmer, and it takes more effort to clean than my shake cup. But I just can't get the fiber to blend in the shake cup, and I can't put enough of it in my tea. So I used the blender. And it worked well (except for the slightly warmer and thinner consistency). But I need the fiber, so I guess one shake a day (of the two I'm enjoying) will be made in the blender. Go fiber!

And the other thing I'm working on is water. Lots of water. Miranda Bircham (trainer of Biggest Loser winner, Danny Cahill, and a personal acquaintance) says you should be drinking lots of water. Her formula is to take your body weight (pounds) and divide it by two. That's the number of ounces you should drink of water DAILY.

That's a lot of water.

I'm trying to get there--haven't hit that number just yet, but I'm drinking A LOT more water than I have been, which is good. It helps clear up my skin, flush out toxins, and it does help me feel better. I've even gotten to the point where I can drink water with my pizza--that's huge.

Pardon me, all this water is making me have to pee...a lot.


MangyCat said...

I totally understand your hardships in getting to the gym at night. Every evening that I have the opportunity to go to the gym, I pass it up because it's just too cold to get out there.

Rebekah said...

Yes! Write the time on the calender and stick with it. I know you can do it. *hugs* Believe me, it's going to feel good to get a few days of working out. Lots of happy endorphins and all that. =D

Pocket Muse said...

How's your journey going? I've been sorta lurking because you don't know me other than your secret ML Santa...and I was so late and I felt so terrible about it. But I also wanted to make sure you got my box. And to let you know I'm on a similar journey, if you want to compare notes. If so...my email is muses.marrero {at] gmail [dot} com...good luck!!

Sara said...

PocketMuse--Hi! Yes, I got your box, and thank you so much. If it makes you feel better, I haven't sent mine (I KNOW! I'm horrid!) and it has to go to Canada :P But it will be in the mail on Monday. And I had no good reason other than just being a scatterbrain. And now I should update this blog, poor blog :P

Pocket Muse said...

Yay! Does her name begin w/ a "Y" by chance? If so, I know her well (they are our sister city) & I can let her know it's on its way soon.

Congrats on the 4#!! I will probably gain this month cuz I'm on prednisone, but I FEEL a ton better, so I don't know how to feel about that! lol

Keep going strong!! *hugs*

Sara said...

No, her name starts with a "C", and I just realized I put the address on the package wrong--guess I should fix that and get it out. And feeling better is so worth it--just keep drinking your water!