April 13, 2008

the muse awakens...

I haven't posted a poem in a week, but I've been writing them. A few of them were *gasp* uninspired, so I'm not posting those. My muse (who was featured in day two) is somewhat of a diva and only shows up when she feels like it. Thankfully, I've learned to work without her when needed!

I rather like today's poem. The prompt was to write a poem inspired by a song. While most people picked songs with lyrics, I had to go and be different (don't act shocked, you aren't a bit surprized) and pick a song without words. I did this largely because I often feel that writing a poem about other poetry is a bit like cheating.

The song I chose is one that I recently have fallen in love with on Pandora. I have a station called "Rocket it the Moon" that is based off the Jim Brickman song of that name. I love to listen to this station while I write because it is all instruments--no words to distract me! The song I chose (and really, I could have picked any one because it wasn't so much the particular song, but the fact it is all piano music that inspired me) is called Ridin' West by Jon Schmidt. Here's my poem...

Ridin’ West

I stare up at the underside
of your baby grand piano
as your fingers draw sweet notes
from black-tie keys.

Close my eyes, sink into the melody
as my fingers dig into the thick carpet.

This is my favorite place to be—
at your feet, under the spell
of the music you release.

The notes linger and you lean down—
checking to see how I weathered
the cacophony of your love.

(c) SDD 4/2008


the AB club said...

My sister (Sarah B.) gave me your blog. I enjoy catching up with friends from afar.

Happy Birthday. Welcome to the 30 something club. It's really not that bad. But just the other day just to prove I was still hip I allowed my sister-in-law who has no training in cutting hair to cut my very long locks. She assured me it would be a new and hip look and it's now above my chin. I trusted her because she's under 30 and it turned out pretty good. Happy Belated Birthday. Becca

Sara said...

Thanks Becca! Good to hear from you again :) Thanks for leaving a comment!