April 5, 2008

greedy places and smiling faces...

Jodi Picoult came to Denver on April 3rd. Miss Pottenger, her mother and I went to hear Jodi read and to get books signed. When we got to The Tattered Cover (which has hosted the event for at least the last 4 years), we were told we had to have a ticket to get a book signed. The only way to buy a ticket was to purchase a $27 book (hardcover of Jodi's latest). Well, Miss Pottenger already had a copy and I won't buy hardbacks since all my others are softcovers--so we decide we don't need to get books signed. The staff says we can wait in line for the reading and not get a ticket since we are skipping the whole signing.

Then, after 2 hours of sitting on the floor (we were the first in line), another staff member tells us we need tickets to sit. I almost decked her on the spot. She finally gave in and let us go sit.

Jodi made up for it by delivering a great reading and there were several new questions that we got to hear answers for, so overall, it ended on a good note. But I'm furious with Tattered Cover for getting greedy. By requiring the purchase of a particular book, they force you to a) buy that style and at their price (which is never discounted) and b) they took away one of the two reasons for getting there early (to be first in the signing line as well as to sit) and c) they made it almost impossible for those coming from out-of-state to attend because of their lack of publicity about all the changes they made. I mean, people drive from Nebraska, Nevada and Kansas to hear Jodi--and to drive all that way and not get a seat would infuriate me.

So I'm composing a scathing letter to little independent bookstore about how their greed is hurting them. I have no problem buying a ticket but don't make me buy a book to get a "free" ticket--and get your story straight so I don't waste hours sitting on the floor in your shop. Make a way for people who want to attend to be able to attend and reward those who show up early.

Anyway, as you can tell, this is a bee in my bonnet. The poetry prompt for Thursday didn't help. it was simply to write a haiku. I write lots of haiku--I need subjects not forms. I wrote one, but it is overly uninspired, so I'm not posting it. The prompt for yesterday was better--write about something you are thankful for. Here's my poem...

The Throne

You spend your hours
tucked away in a space
no one will call by name—
the john, the powder room,
the water closet—there you sit,
never complaining
about the lot given to you.
Sparkling white outside holds
swirling blue water,
covered by a wood-grain lid.
Always there when nature calls.
I think of your counterparts
around the world—holes
in the ground, the backside
of bushes. No porcelain thrones
in the African desert,
only imitations at the ruins
in Peru.

I’m so very glad you are here—
I flush you just to hear the sound.

(c) SDD 4/2008

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